The Beat Goes On

by Jay Nordlinger

Other NRO writers keep you up to date on important matters of state. I remain on my lonely, humble beat: the cellphone announcement at the New York Philharmonic. As I reported weeks ago, audience members were booing and hissing the announcement recorded by Alec Baldwin. I figured the Philharmonic would have to ditch the announcement. In due course, we had an announcement recorded by Whoopi Goldberg. No one would dare hiss the Whoopster. But then, there was a time when Alec Baldwin seemed sacrosanct: a perfect liberal Democrat. Anyway, the Baldwin announcement was back on Saturday night, with not a hiss or boo in the house. Is all forgiven (whatever it was)? Or merely forgotten?

To read my write-up of Saturday’s concert, go here. To read my post on Michael Hersch’s new opera, On the Threshold of Winter, go here. (Both articles appear on Armavirumque, The New Criterion’s blog​.)

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