Krauthammer’s Take: Hobby Lobby Ruling Will ‘Certainly’ Help Democrats

by NRO Staff

The Supreme Court’s ruling in the Hobby Lobby case this week will be advantageous for Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections, Charles Krauthammer says.

“Certainly it’s going help Democrats,” he said on Tuesday’s Special Report, “unless you know the case, unless you know that the stories being told about the war on women — that women are being denied access to health care — is preposterous.”

The claim that the case represents a war against women is “absurd on its face, but that’s how the media is portraying it, that’s what the headline is, and I think that’s how it will be received,” Krauthammer said. “That will be very advantageous to Democrats, who will add it on the list of crimes against women that Republicans have allegedly committed.”

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