A Foggy View of Climate Conservatives

by Ramesh Ponnuru

That Guardian article Jim Manzi criticized yesterday takes a passing swipe at me. It’s inaccurate.

The Guardian: “Ponnuru’s column was devoted to attacking President Obama for allowing the Environmental Protection Agency to do its legally-mandated job by regulating greenhouse gas emission from power plants.”

First three sentences of said column: “Republicans are calling President Barack Obama’s new coal-plant regulations a ‘​power grab.’ The truth is more complicated, and ominous, than that. This isn’t a case where the executive branch has simply gone beyond its authority.” (The column goes on to criticize the Supreme Court more than either the administration or Congress.)

The Guardian: “Aside from noting that the cap and trade legislation killed by a Republican filibuster in 2010 ’probably had a better cost-benefit ratio than today’s regulations do,’ Ponnuru didn’t even discuss any policy alternatives” (inexplicable italics in the Guardian).

The Guardian, a few paragraphs later: “Ultimately both Ponnuru and Salam suggest that we should instead take a ‘technology-first approach.’”

Take a bow, John Abraham and Dana Nuccitelli.

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