Durbin Points Finger at Bush for Influx of Illegals

by Eliana Johnson

“I am really getting fed up with some of the critics of this administration,” the number two ranking Democrat in the Senate, Dick Durbin, told CBS News’s Bob Schieffer on Sunday. He said he is particularly upset with House Republicans who have expressed their anger with the chaos unfolding on the southern border despite their refusal to pass an immigration-reform bill.

Though many have blamed the Obama administration for giving a green light to illegal immigrants, particularly children, to flood into the U.S. by signaling that immigration laws would not be enforced, Durbin instead said the blame for the disaster falls at the feet of former president George W. Bush. “It was the Homeland Security Act signed by President George W. Bush which says we treat these children humanely,” Durbin said.

He added, “I think this administration understands what needs to be done” — that is, he said, to send an envoy to Central America, to make clear that sending children across the border is a deadly decision, and ultimately to target the smugglers bringing the children into the country.

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