D’Souza Warns: Hillary Is Not Bill

by Tim Cavanaugh

Filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza and Georgetown University professor of sociology Michael Eric Dyson argued Sunday over Hillary Clinton’s connection to Saul Alinsky, with D’Souza saying Clinton is steeped in Alinsky’s ideas and Dyson saying she barely retained any of the radical left-wing theorist’s ideas.

“A lot of people think Hillary is like Bill; they go, ‘We kinda want Billary back in the White House,’” D’Souza said in an appearance on ABC’s This Week alongside Dyson, who appears in D’Souza’s new film, America: Imagine a World Without Her. But D’Souza pointed out that — in sharp contrast to Bill Clinton’s flexible and occasionally pro-market ideology — Hillary’s political thinking was formed by Rules for Radicals author Alinsky, whom she met in high school and about whom she wrote her college thesis.

But Dyson — author of Why I Love Black Women and a perfervid supporter of the Obama administration who has called Attorney General Eric Holder “the chief law giver of the United States, so to speak” and “the Moses of our time” — responded with a prolix defense of the former first lady, secretary of state, and U.S. senator.

“Here’s the reality,” Dyson said. “Yes, she has interpreted and interpolated Alinsky. But she is not, given the suspicions of Mr. D’Souza, somebody who’s trying to bring down American government. She’s trying to make that rare act of a politician in public, to bring ideas to bear upon the forces that prevail that help the nation become its best self and to work against the demons that are bespeaking, if you will, a negative impact on America. So Alinsky, in terms of his impact on Obama and Hillary Clinton, I’m sure the Alinskyites would say it’s barely discernible now, in their political lives.”

Although she started the appearance by saying D’Souza had “conspiracy theory,” This Week host Martha Raddatz concluded, “It’s a very interesting movie; everybody should go see it.”

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