Chatting With Ed Gillespie (and Snooping Around His Office)

by Jim Geraghty

A short while ago, I taped a pair of video interviews with GOP Senate candidate (and friend of NR) Ed Gillespie. In the first, discussing the state of the campaign and the big issues at stake in his bid against incumbent Democratic senator Mark Warner, you can see that if you’ve donated to Gillespie’s Senate campaign, you can rest assured that your money did not go to fancy office furniture:

In the second, Gillespie shows me some of the knickknacks in his personal office – a letter his daughter sent to George W. Bush in crayon and the president’s response; a windbreaker from his days as a U.S. Senate parking attendant, and mementos of his work as a campaign manager for Dick Armey in 1986.

Google Maps seems convinced that the Gillespie campaign is working in a giant oil terminal tank. No doubt that the Warner campaign will cite this to claim that Gillespie’s campaign is “a product of the big oil companies.”

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