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Holly Fisher: Public Enemy Number 310,345,204


This image — which features an American woman named Holly Fisher and an international terrorist named Sherafiyah Lewthwaite* — has been doing the rounds on Lefty Twitter:

“Explain the difference”? With pleasure.

The woman on the left is a peaceful American citizen with a husband in the military. She has never killed anybody, and nor does she have any desire to. The reason that you know her name is that she has become a minor political celebrity for her outspoken support of a Supreme Court decision that upheld the rule of law against the intrusion of the executive branch. In her photograph, she is mocking the president for his intolerant and ignorant “cling to guns or religion” comments.

The woman on the right, by contrast, is Sherafiyah Lewthwaite*, also known as “The White Widow.” The reason that we know her name? Her husband blew himself up on a train in London on July 7, 2005, killing 26 people, and, after his death, Lewthwaite picked up where he left off, becoming in the process one of the world’s most wanted terrorists. Lewthwaite is a former British citizen who gave up her life in England to become a member of the radical Al-Qaeda-linked militant group, Al-Shabaab. She is suspected of being behind a number of deadly attacks on civilians around the world, among them a grenade attack in Mombasa. In her photograph, she is reaffirming her commitment to jihad.

Any more questions?

Michael Stone, who blogs over at Patheos under the moniker “progressivesecularhumanist,” is deeply concerned by Fisher’s photograph, suggesting that it renders her the “New Face” of the “American Taliban” and serves to expose “the striking parallels between Islamic and Christian extremists, to demonstrate “the striking similarities between Christian and Islamic extremism,” and to reveal the “romance with religious violence both types of extremists seem to share.” Oddly enough, Stone seems wholly incapable of making up his mind as to quite how Fisher presents a threat to anybody. First, he suggests rather excitably that:

Perhaps the only thing more dangerous and destructive than religious extremism, is violent religious extremism cloaked in the mask of pseudo patriotism.

But, in the very next sentence, he concedes that:

While Holly Hobby Lobby is just a social media clown out for attention, she represents a dangerous strand of Christian fundamentalism that enjoys flirting with, if not threatening, real violence.

To sum up, then: Fisher’s “dangerous strand of Christian fundamentalism” is so extraordinarily “dangerous” that it has not only failed to engender any “real violence” but it can’t even bring itself to threaten harm? Goodness, let’s bring out the national guard.

As Stone himself confirms, that “strand” about which he is so vexed seems to be remarkably peaceful. He asks:

How long until the Christian extremists stop flirting with violence and start shooting?

Not sure, Michael. Enjoy the wait, though.

*UPDATE: It’s been suggested to me that the person on the right in the attached picture is not, as Michael Stone and those distributing the photograph claim in their caption, Sherafiyah Lewthwaite. Instead, it is Reem Saleh Al-Riyashi. If this is the case, let my second paragraph read: The woman on the right, by contrast is Reem Saleh Al-Riyasha. The reason that we know her name? She’s a wealthy Palestinian who blew up herself and four Israelis at the Erez crossing in 2004, thereby fulfilling her lifelong dream of turning her “body into deadly shrapnel against the Zionists.” Al-Riyashi left behind two children, observing before her death, “I always wanted to be the first woman to carry out a martyrdom operation, where parts of my body can fly all over . . . God has given me two children. I love them [with] a kind of love that only God knows, but my love to meet God is stronger still.” In her photograph, she is reaffirming her commitment to jihad.

Same point, different terrorist.

Meme Watch: #IStandWithHolly
A Charleston, W.V ., Army wife and mother of three found herself on the front lines of the culture war over Obamacare, gun rights, and the so-called “War on Women” — and she’s not backing down one little bit. Here’s a look at Holly Fisher and the Holly Hobby Lobby meme.
Fisher first gained the attention of the political blogosphere in June when she took to Twitter to complain about diminished coverage for her children under an Obamacare-compliant plan. Wrote Fisher with this picture: “Thanks, @BarackObama, for causing her to lose her cardiologist. Her name is Norah, not that you care.”
But it was this so-called “hat-trick” photo on July 1 of Fisher — standing in front of a Hobby Lobby wearing a “Pro Life” shirt and holding a Chick-fil-A — that really sent Lefites into conniptions. Fisher’s message to her critics was short and to the point: “ATTENTION LIBERALS: do NOT look at this picture. Your head will most likely explode.”
The original picture along with some friendly Photoshop enhancements quickly spread on Twitter and Facebook, gathering thousands of likes and a torrent of comments both for and against.
Fisher then doubled down on her critics, posting this picture on her Twitter page Holly Hobby Lobby on Independence Day, writing: “Biggest complaint I’m getting about my #HobbyLobby pic is there’s no gun, bible, or flag. Tried to make up for it.”
Left-wing bile towards Fisher ranged from coarse at best to foul and bigoted against Christians and pro-gun America. The attacks reached a crescendo with variations on this graphic, which tried to draw moral comparisons between Fisher and a known Islamic terrorist with ties to al-Qaeda.
Slate Magazine referred to Fisher as “a right-wing online agitator.” And even though they admitted that Fisher isn’t a suicide bomber, their story still warns about the “potential consequences of aggressive national pride.”
Twitter user GuardAmerican (@GuardAmerican) offered this piece of advice for those who intentionally have trouble making obvious distinctions.
Another user offered a similar sentiment. (Image via Alex, @Alex_@2nd)
HIT BACK TWICE AS HARD: Throughout the past few weeks, Fisher has pushed back against her attackers, gleefully retweeting the mockery (and sometimes threats) sent her way and upping the ante with more images of herself as an unapologetic conservative and gun owner.
Responding directly to some particularly threatening comments from a Twitter user who expressed a desire to stone her to death and have her raped, Wilson tweeted this shot and the message: “@PatKasprik yeah, you’re welcome to try and kill me and have me raped. Warning: I’ll have my rape whistle.”
“This thing is AWESOME!” (@HollyRFisher)
"Jihad Barbie. That means they think I'm pretty, right"? (@HollyRFisher)
"FINALLY, someone fixed it ;)" (@HollyRFisher)
“Oh no, more fat jokes. I guess it doesn’t help that I’m having Doritos and freedom for breakfast.” (@HollyRFisher)
“Guess what I’m doing today.” (@HollyRFisher)
Fisher with a selection of conservative-themed tee-shirts.
“Who says conservative women aren’t strong? I can curl twice as much weight as the leader of the free world!” (@HollyRFisher)
“Several ppl asking what exactly is #HobbyLobby … here are just a FEW of my HL items! I could buy the entire store.” (@HollyRFisher)
“Libs told me to lay off Chick-fil-A because it’s making be fat … so I went back for breakfast. Got diet Coke though!” (@HollyRFisher)
“Ignorance at its finest. @DLoesch will like this.” (@HollyRFisher)
“Having lunch w/strong, amazing, GOP women! Who’s ready for @RepShelley to turn a US Senate seat red?!” (@HollyRFisher)
Challenged to wear a Redskins jersey, Fisher offered up this image: "Best I can do today." (@HollyRFisher)
STAND WITH HOLLY: Supporters also rallied to Fisher’s defense on the hashtag @IStandWithHolly, expressing their sentiments about the intolerant Lefties who attacked her. User CounterMoonbat tweeted this picture with the message: “ #IStandWithHolly because the alternative is standing with chicks like this.”
"I Hope @HollyRFisher Runs For President Or Congress Someday Washington Could Use People Like Her! #IStandWithHolly" (James Nathanial, @JamesNathaniel7)
"*tugs collar* Is it getting hot in here, or is it just @HollyRFisher & @DLoesch?!" (Loud Mouth, @jflysocal)
Updated: Jul. 07, 2014



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