Federal Judge Tells SCOTUS to ‘STFU’ over Hobby Lobby Ruling

by Andrew Johnson

A federal judge in Nebraska thinks the Supreme Court should have “shut the f*** up” regarding the HHS mandate and religious freedom and opted not to take up Burwell v. Hobby Lobby case last month. Judge Richard G. Kopf took to his personal blog over the weekend to blast the court for moving to protect the religious beliefs of private business owners in a “result [that] looks stupid and smells worse.”

Kopf, a judge on the federal court for the state of Nebraska, argued on his blog that the court shouldn’t take up such “hot button cases,” because of their divisive nature, and should instead allow either an executive or legislative fix to such issues.

“As the kids say, it is time for the Court to stfu,” he wrote. Stfu” is a popular acronym for the phrase “shut the f*** up.”

Kopf notes that it was five male, Catholic judges who sided with Hobby Lobby in the case. Even if they made the ruling consistent with the law, Kopf argues, the appearance of the men making this decision reflects poorly on the court.​

And the court didn’t need to take up the case, he says: “What would have happened if the Supreme Court simply decided not to take the Hobby Lobby cases?. . . What harm would have befallen Hobby Lobby family members who would have been free to express their religious beliefs as real persons? Had the Court sat on the sidelines, I don’t think any significant harm would have occurred.”

Kopf, who was appointed in 1992 by President George H. W. Bush, has served in the Nebraska district court since 1992, and served as chief judge from 1999 to 2004.

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