Bien Sûr

by Jay Nordlinger

You’ll remember Ray Nagin from the Hurricane Katrina fiasco. He was mayor of New Orleans when George W. Bush arranged for all those black people to drown (as the Left told it). Or, if he didn’t arrange it, he cackled as they did.

Nagin has now been sentenced to ten years in prison — corruption. (For a news report, go here.) Thus does Louisiana continue its long tradition.

As far as I know, one Louisiana senator, Mary Landrieu, is scandal-free. I hope that Louisiana voters hold it against her this November. I also believe that Bobby J. is clean, even squeakily so. Is he sure he’s a Louisiana governor?

This very day, Edwin Edwards is running for office — not for the governorship, but for a congressional seat.

Anyway, laissez les bons temps rouler, as they say down there.