Va. Democrat Offers Reward for Nude Shots of Texas Co-Ed

by Molly Wharton

A Democratic candidate for Congress in Virginia is asking his Twitter followers to help him target Kendall Jones, the Texas cheerleader who has recently provoked controversy by posting photos on Facebook of her with animals she’d killed.

Mike Dickinson, who is currently seeking the House seat held by Eric Cantor in Virginia’s seventh congressional district, has offered a $100,000 reward for anyone who can supply him with nude photos of sex videos of the 19-year-old:

He had some other special offers for his social-media followers:

In other tweets, he included some other kind names for her, including “garbage,” “white trash,” and “the OJ Simpson of white people.”

When he received angry or disgusted replies to his tweets, Dickinson managed to come up with some clever replies:

Apparently this is not Dickinson’s first inappropriate Twitter rant. He has previously tweeted about wishing death upon political conservatives:

There is some question as to whether Dickinson is actually a serious candidate. Although he has a campaign website, and claims on his Facebook and Twitter bios that he is indeed running for Congress, Ballotpedia says he failed to meet the filing deadline and he does not appear on the Virginia State Board of Elections candidate list.

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