Netanyahu Won’t Rule Out Ground Invasion

by Andrew Johnson

Israel will employ “whatever necessary means that we need to take” to protect its citizens, even if that potentially means grounds troops, the country’s prime minister said on Sunday.

Benjamin Netanyahu would not get into specifics about Israel’s operational strategy for dealing with its conflict with Hamas, but would not rule out a potential ground invasion when asked. “If this can be achieved through diplomatic or military means, whatever military means, we’ll do what is necessary — what any country would do,” he said on Fox News Sunday.

Netanyahu also addressed the deaths of Gaza residents, contrasting Israel’s attempts at targeted strikes versus Hamas’s indiscriminate attacks.

“We’re trying surgical actions — it’s not indiscriminate,” he said. “It’s very tough — there’s always going to be civilian causalities, which we regret — but we have to defend our people, that’s what we’ll do.”

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