GOP’s Schock: ‘There Is Nothing’ in Immigration Bill That Would Have Prevented Border Crisis

by Andrew Johnson

Representative Aaron Schock (R., Ill.) pushed back against Democratic claims that the border crisis could have been averted if Republicans had passed comprehensive immigration reform last year. In fact, it is President Obama’s policies that have led to this situation, he said.

“There is nothing in the Senate immigration bill that would have stemmed the tide of these refugees seeking asylum in America — that’s a fact,” Schock said on CNN’s State of the Union on Sunday. Additionally, House Democrats’ proposals would not have prevented the surge of unaccompanied children, he argued.

Schock blamed “the president’s ambiguity on whether or not he will enforce America’s borders and the rule of law that we currently have on the books,” and pointed to Homeland Security secretary Jeh Johnson’s recent vagueness over whether these unaccompanied children would be sent home.

“More than any new law, the president needs to be clear what his intent is in enforcing our nation’s laws,” Schock said.

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