A Bit Scary

by Jay Nordlinger

Ponder for a minute what AFSCME has done. The union has severed ties with the United Negro College Fund because the Koch brothers contributed $25 million to the fund. Or rather, because the fund accepted the contribution. The money will pay for 3,000 scholarships and other needs. To read about this episode, go here.

The hatred whipped up against the Koch brothers has become nearly frightening, I think. It is undemocratic, unsettling, intolerant. I’ve never liked it when left-leaning types say, “So-and-so scares me,” or, “This scares me.” There was a bumper sticker in the 2000s that said Bush Scares Me. You remember that one?

But there is something semi-scary, I think, about the demented hatred expressed toward the Kochs. The demonization of them. What’s next, dekulakization? De-Koch-ization? Physical attacks?

Obviously, the Kochs and AFSCME have markedly different views: The Kochs favor maximum personal freedom; the union favors greater collectivism or governmental control. Still, don’t you think the union could tolerate the funding of scholarships for black Americans?

Look, I think very little of George Soros. I think he’s a horse’s behind. He’s also one of the most interesting head cases in the world: a Hungarian-born Jewish American who supports allegedly “post-Communist” parties and is a weenie on Israel.

Still, if he wanted to contribute to the UNCF — and, for all I know, he does — I’d say, “Great.” Better money for scholarships than for the Occupy movement, or whatever Soros’s latest cause is. You know?

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