Krauthammer: Upcoming Nuclear Deal with Iran a ‘Fig Leaf’

by Molly Wharton

Charles Krauthammer last night said that the Obama administration and Iran will agree to continue talks about the latter’s nuclear program this week because the administration wants to “come up with a fig leaf of a deal.”

This coming Sunday is six months from the signing of an interim agreement on the Iranian nuclear program, and that deal will have to be adjusted to continue talks.

Iran is “the most serious threat to the West,” Krauthammer said on Bill O’Reilly’s show, and any new nuclear offer will preserve its status as a nuclear threshold state.

“Under the proposal they’re talking about now, [Iran] would simply freeze what they have now,” Krauthammer said. “There’s not an iota of dismantling, or even taking stuff away, let alone talk about removing.”

O’Reilly said that if he were president, he would impose sweeping economic sanctions on Iran when the deadline arrives on Sunday.

“That’s what you would expect from a serious president,” Krauthammer said. But, instead, Obama’s desperation for a deal with Iran is just an effort to “put points on the board,” he said.

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