Ukrainian President: Downed Airliner No Different from 9/11

by Molly Wharton

Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko says that the tragedy of the MH17 flight and the threat posed by the pro-Russian rebels represents a global problem, not one limited to Ukraine.

“I don’t see any differences from the tragedy 9/11,” he told CNN of last week’s airliner crash, which killed all 298 passengers on board. “We should demonstrate the same way of reaction.”

The pro-Russian separatists, which he said earlier in the interview must be acknowledged as a terrorist group, are ”a danger for the whole world.”

Poroshenko explained that this is not just a question about a conflict within Ukraine, which he said is now a united nation. 

“We don’t have any conflict inside the Ukrainian nation,” the president said. “This is again a danger for the global security, and the global world should find out a right answer for these challenges.”

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