MSNBC’s Halperin: Hillary ‘Lost Control of Her Public Image’ on Book Tour

by Andrew Johnson

With Hillary Clinton’s declining approval rating and the growing perception that she is out of touch, one MSNBC contributor thinks the potential 2016 presidential candidate probably would have been better off forgoing her book tour.

“She’s lost control of her public image — it’s the worst thing that can happen to somebody running for president,” Mark Halperin said on Tuesday. “Her operation is playing defense on a lot of stories.”

Clinton’s book tour for Hard Choices got off to a rocky start when she told ABC’s Diane Sawyer that she and Bill were “dead broke” upon leaving the White House. The comments directed attention to the Clintons’ multiple homes and lavish lifestyle.

Additionally, her tenure as secretary of state has come under tougher scrutiny in recent weeks because of the book. Her approval rating for her tenure at the State Department has dropped significantly, with a majority of Americans now saying she did not do a good job as secretary of state, compared with 70 percent who said she did a good job a year ago.

“It’s fine, she can recover from it, but right now she’s lost control of how people are thinking about her, about how the media is covering her,” Halperin added.

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