Ben Sasse on Halbig

by NRO Staff

The Nebraska Senate candidate just put out this statement:

“No president, Republican or Democrat, can rewrite the laws that Congress has passed,” said Sasse. “Today, the second-highest court in the land reaffirmed this fundamental American belief and struck a blow to executive overreach.”

“Democrats must stop defending an indefensible law and Republicans must start offering real solutions. Washington’s broken tax code has created insurance problems for hard-working families. Obamacare’s command-and-control policies are not working and will never work. Just as the courts upheld their constitutional duty to interpret the law, it’s time for Congress to uphold its duty to legislate. Congress must repeal Obamacare. But repeal is not enough – the Halbig ruling has given Americans an opportunity to start over with real solutions. It’s time for Congress to get to work.”

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