Paul Ryan’s Anti-Poverty Program

by Patrick Brennan

Representative Paul Ryan, outgoing chairman of the House Budget Committee, introduced a sweeping reform of federal anti-poverty programs this morning, focusing on devolving functions to the states and encouraging opportunity, mobility, and self-sufficiency. He’s speaking at AEI this morning to discuss the plan, which can be read here. It does run to 73 footnoted pages, so we’ve got a summary over at the Agenda, by NR intern Callie Gable. The main points:

Offer states the option of a big block grant to replace existing federal welfare programs

Expand the Earned-Income Tax Credit and make it work better

Fix federal education funding and make it more flexible

Acknowledge that mass incarceration is a huge impediment to mobility, and start addressing it

Get rid of regressive regulation

Emphasize evidence-based policy-making

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