CNN’s Cuomo: Americans Support Treating Kids on the Border ‘Like a Bunch of Dogs’

by Andrew Johnson

A new poll finding that most Americans support legislation to make changes to a 2008 law at the center of the border crisis did not sit well with CNN host Chris Cuomo.

“Too late to not let emotions get involved,” he said during an interview with Representative Henry Cuellar (D., Texas) on Friday. “You have a majority of Americans who are looking at kids on the border like a bunch of dogs, in terms of how they should be treated.”

Cuomo went on to argue that the conditions at the facilities housing these children are insufficient.

The CNN/ORC poll released on Thursday found that 62 percent favored addressing a provision in a 2008 trafficking-victims protection law, which was originally intended to combat the trafficking of minors from countries other than Canada and Mexico.

Where Cuomo seems mistaken is that 54 percent of Americans also said they favored allocating more spending to ensure the unaccompanied children were cared for while held in detention by United States authorities until it is determined whether they can stay in the country.

Cuellar, who has been critical of the Obama administration’s handling of the crisis, pushed back, saying that the Border Patrol is doing the best it can, but that the influx has proven to be a challenge.

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