W. Va. Dem. Distances Herself from Previous Support for Obama

by Andrew Johnson

After airing a new campaign ad showing her shutting off the lights at the White House, West Virginia Democratic Senate candidate Natalie Tennant tried to fend off questions about campaigning for President Obama.

Appearing on Fox & Friends on Tuesday, Tennant was asked if she was “a flip-flopper” for supporting the president in 2008. “I am disappointed and I am hurt with the way he has reacted to West Virginia,” said Tennant, criticizing the Environmental Protection Agency’s policy.

She noted that she led an investigation as secretary of state against three Democratic officials who “tried to steal an election” in 2010. “West Virginians know me — they know that I stand up for West Virginians first.”

While admitting she did campaign for Obama in 2008, she said she was “not sure” if she would so today, and dodged the question by noting that he is not on the ballot anymore.

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