More Evidence of the Left’s Drumming Up Impeachment Talk

by Andrew Johnson

Over on the homepage, I took a look at how many times impeachment has come up on the House and Senate floors this week. Ten Democrats, including members of the party’s leadership, have sounded the alarm on the supposed “march towards impeachment”; no Republicans have mentioned it whatsoever.

Meanwhile, Nate Silver at FiveThirtyEight has an analysis of how much impeachment has come up on Fox News and MSNBC this month. Surprise surprise: MSNBC has brought it up nearly 5 times as often as Fox News, and the number of references have jumped sharply of late.

The scoreboard so far in July: Fox News has 95 mentions of impeachment, and MSNBC 448. That works out to about 2.7 mentions per hour of original programming on MSNBC, or once every 22 minutes. (This data is as of late Tuesday afternoon.)

MSNBC’s coverage of Republican plans for “impeachment” has gotten so out of hand that it’s nearing another media sensation that has since become a byword for media hysteria. Silver notes:

MSNBC hasn’t become quite as obsessed with impeachment as CNN was with Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, but it may be getting there. Impeachment mentions on MSNBC increased sixfold from May to July. Overall, since Jan. 1, MSNBC has mentioned impeachment 905 times to Fox News’s 213.

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