Senator Tim Scott Makes His First Trip to Iowa

by Joel Gehrke

Senator Tim Scott (R., S.C.) will make his first trip to Iowa next week to attend a conference in Ames, the home of the straw poll that boosted Representative Michele Bachmann (R., Minn.) and convinced Tim Pawlenty to drop out of the race during the last presidential campaign.

“Senator Scott was invited to speak at the FAMILY Leader’s Leadership Summit in Ames, and will be making his first trip to Iowa for that event,” spokesman Sean Smith told National Review Online. “He looks forward to sharing his story, his journey to becoming a conservative and discussing how important family values are to the future of our nation.”

Scott, the only black Republican in the Senate, has kept a fairly low profile during his short time in the Senate — he was appointed to the position after Jim DeMint retired — but he has recently worked with Senator Mike Lee (R., Utah) and other lawmakers on developing a conservative reform agenda. Scott has focused on school choice and workforce training, in addition to reaching out to minority communities, as when he took a tour of historically-black colleges in his state.

“So when I think about the Great Society and the objectives, they wanted it to work,” Scott said at American Enterprise Institute in May. “They wanted it to feel good, to make a difference. If you have direct payments to seniors, you’re going to reduce the poverty rate, but the fact of the matter is for kids like me growing up in houses of Frances Scott, who was working 16 hours a day, living in the wrong zip code, it didn’t work very well. And, unfortunately, when you look in those same zip codes, things are getting worse. And that’s part of the challenge that we face.”

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