McCarthy, Callas, and More

by Jay Nordlinger

In our latest podcast, Mona Charen and I are privileged to have a guest, Andy McCarthy: We talk about the tricky question of impeachment, on which Andy is maybe the leading expert. (Actually, it might be interesting to talk with Bill Clinton, too — if we could get straight answers from him.) When Andy leaves, Mona and I continue to talk about Obama: What to do about him? How do you solve a problem like O? Good journalist (and citizen) that she is, Mona watched Obama’s press conference today. I somehow managed to miss it. Evidently, Obama put a villain’s mustache on the Republican party, as usual.

It’s hard to say who hates the Republican party more: the Left or the Right. Me, I think the health of the nation depends in large measure on the GOP’s electoral fortunes. I wish it didn’t, but I’m afraid it does. I never wanted to be this partisan. Life just forced me into it.

Mona and I also talk about Israel and anti-Semitism. And immigration — particularly the question of “tone.” The tone of debate. For several years now, I’ve been allergic to the word “tone,” and the concept of it, in our politics. I guess you could say that my tone about tone is sour.

At the end of our ’cast, we talk about music, as we’re wont to do. I mumble something about Mozart. Mona talks about a recent performance of Carmen, and we talk about that opera itself. Our exit music is a bit of Callas’s “Habanera.”

Join Mona, Andy, Callas, and me here.

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