Rivera Spars with Outnumbered Panel over Israel Criticism, Points to Jewish Star Tattoo

by Andrew Johnson

He may call Israel’s offensive against Hamas a “travesty” and “appalling,” but that doesn’t mean Geraldo Rivera doesn’t support Israel. Just look at his Star of David tattoo, he urged a panel of Fox News hostesses Monday.

Rivera took on the balance of the Outnumbered panel by saying, “Israel has only itself to blame” for losing favor on the global stage with “grossly disproportionate” missile strikes.

Fiery Outnumbered regular Andrea Tantaros shot back, saying civilian deaths occur because Hamas uses women and children as human shields and calling Rivera “an apologist for a terrorist organization.”

“You should be ashamed of yourself for saying that to me of all people!” Rivera responded. “There’s a Jewish star tattooed on my hand! I am a dyed-in-the-wool Zionist! I would die for Israel! This is appalling!”

Rivera said Hamas’s relatively ineffective missiles don’t warrant the response Israel has launched.

“You’re unbelievable to defend Hamas,” a frustrated Tantaros responded. “Israel is the one country we do not allow to defend itself.”

“Give me a break! We give Israel every bomb they fire!” Rivera replied.

Later, discussing a letter in which Oscar-winning actor Jon Voight slammed other celebrities for condemning Israel, Rivera said Voight had hurt his chances to win awards this year. He also said he wasn’t ready to applaud Voight because it doesn’t take political courage to support Israel in the United States. Accused of apologizing for Gaza’s Islamists, Rivera said Hamas is as bad as ISIS and other terrorist groups, though he noted that it was democratically elected.

As Tantaro and regular Outnumbered panelist Jedediah Bila​ slammed him, Rivera, filling the day’s #OneLuckyGuy spot, again called for Israel to “stop this disproportionate war that it is waging.”

“Israel is undermining its credibility — I care only for Israel,” Rivera said.

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