‘Genocide,’ They Say

by Jay Nordlinger

Earlier today, I was reading about a letter signed by a bevy of celebrities. They accused Israel of committing “genocide” in Gaza. Bear with me for a few thoughts.

It is very important to the world, or much of it, that Israel be thought of as Nazi. Therefore, Nazi-related language is constantly thrown at it. Years ago, Anthony Lewis said that Israel sought to “exterminate Palestinian nationalism.” (Lewis was a columnist for the New York Times and one of the most influential journalists in the world.) Now, why do you suppose he picked the word “exterminate” when so many others would have done?

Back to “genocide.” When I was in college, the kids marched through campus chanting, “Reagan-Bush, you can’t hide. We charge you with genocide.” And how were Reagan and Bush carrying out this genocide? They were moderately slowing the growth of spending on social-welfare programs. Not reducing it; simply slowing its growth, a bit. “Genocide.”

Can you forgive me for thinking that the Left was maybe not very reasonable, temperate, or fair?

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