Will’s Take: Under Obama, America Is a ‘Spectator’

by NRO Staff

The U.S. major general who was killed today in Afghanistan is another reminder of the passive nature of current U.S. foreign policy, George Will says. 

“This episode didn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know,” he said on Tuesday’s Special Report. “It’s redundant evidence that it’s a very dangerous place and that the crust of order in Afghanistan is like a pie crust: it’s thin and fragile.”

Will said that whether or not the United State’s exit from the Middle East is causing the problems there is something people can argue about. “But for the foreseeable future as far as I can tell,” he said, “in foreign policy, America, under this president, is a spectator.” He cited Ukraine, Syria, Gaza, and Iraq as examples, where he said “the United States is looking on and commenting.”

He then noted the president’s comment today that Afghanistan isn’t a perfect place, which Will said “qualifies as the understatement of the year.”

“The passivity of the United States is the story,” he said. 

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