The Corrupt UNRWA

by Mona Charen

It’s impossible to pronounce — UNRWA — but there are far better reasons to be rid of it. The indispensable Claudia Rossett lays out the case in today’s WSJ. Just by coincidence, I address the same issue on the homepage today. As Christian Iraqis, pursued by ISIS, cower on a mountaintop starving and dying of thirst, as millions of Syrian refugees suffer in temporary camps in Lebanon, Jordan, and Iraq, as Ukrainians flee violence, UNRWA (which is separate from UNHCR) lives on forever, spending twice as much per capita on Palestinian “refugees” than UNHCR spends on everyone else. UNRWA is, as Rossett writes, the “handmaiden” of Hamas. And guess who funds it? Mostly us. 

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