Only 2 of Top 20 Corporate Political Donors in 2014 Favor GOP

by Ian Tuttle

A new Center for Responsive Politics report reveals that of the top 20 organizations that have made political donations in 2014, only two favor Republicans. Seventeen are considered “Solidly Democrat/Liberal,” and one trade organization is considered “On the Fence.”

At the top of the list is ActBlue, a Democratic political action committee, which has contributed $30.2 million to Democrats so far in the 2013–14 election cycle. Fahr LLC, which coordinates the political advocacy donations for billionaire Tom Steyer, has funneled $20.3 million to liberal candidates and organizations. Of the top 20 organizations, eleven are trade unions.

And among the largest donors, Koch Industries is nowhere to be found. It is No. 36.

Steyer also heads the list of the top 20 individual donors, followed by former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. The individual list is more evenly split: nine Democrats, eleven Republican.

Totaling the contributions of the top 20 organizations thus far, Republicans have received $18.5 million compared with Democrats’ $129.3 million.

A shame, all this money in politics  . . .

Via the Washington Examiner.

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