by Jay Nordlinger

I don’t label anything “MUST READ,” because such labeling gets tiresome — there’s so much to read, and so much that is good. But I would hate to miss a Charles Moore column.

The latest one is on the world’s psychotic hatred of Israel, basically. Moore quotes a British journalist and political personality who said that she expected an independent Scotland to be a “Zionist-free zone.”

Sitting here in (delectable) Salzburg, I thought, “People in this neck of the woods had a word for that: Judenrein.”

P.S. Some people may protest that one phrase refers to “Zionists,” while the other refers to “Jews.” Oh, please. I got tired of that one in about 1987. (I know, took me a while.) As Paul Johnson says, scratch a person who is anti-Israel, and you won’t have to dig very far before you get . . . something else.

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