The Gift of a Great Movie

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Much has been said and written about the new movie The Giver, including by yours truly. But I want to stress something, because it is the beauty of the movie: No offense to the president, but I did not think of Barack Obama a single time during the movie. I didn’t walk away from it thinking “the Hobby Lobby victory lap movie” or “a pro-life movie” in a movement kind of way – though it would be hard to walk away from it and not celebrate freedom and life.

The magic of The Giver is that folks from different political and cultural stripes came together and made something great – an attractive, gripping, compelling movie that leaves you reflecting on the human condition — grateful for life, liberty, joy, faith, and family.

This movie is extraordinary because you can go with anyone to see it, whatever his political or religious beliefs. It’s an excellent movie! And one you don’t have to give away free tickets to at church to make a success. It’s got some great messages in it — but not because someone poll-tested Family Research Council or Heritage Foundation talking points to write the script. 

Yes, next time John J. Miller writes a most conservative movies list, I expect it to be at the top, but that’s not because someone set out to make a conservative movie. A beautiful movie was made about truth. That still exists and it’s attractive. And The Giver gives the gift of a lovely reminder.  

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