Another Night of Violence Ensues in Ferguson

by Ryan Lovelace

While much of the information circulating about the events in Ferguson from last night appear contradictory, some facts remain clear. The crowd that gathered last night appeared to contain fewer people than past nights’ protests, seemingly because police moved to shut down roads into town hours before the curfew began and some non-violent protesters asked people to go home as the night grew darker. 

A short while after the curfew on early Sunday morning, police moved forward to disperse protesters gathered on West Florissant Street, and used a loud speaker to ask protesters to leave, as caught on video by Vice’s Tim Pool.

Police fired something — it’s unclear whether the things were smoke bombs or tear gas — in the direction of protesters to get them to move. Several protesters scattered, but some remained. In the aftermath of the altercation with police, seven people were arrested and one was reportedly shot. The person who was shot is in critical condition, according to CNN, but the identity of the shooter remains unclear. Facts about last night’s events should become clearer throughout the day, but another night of violence could be headed Ferguson’s way tonight.  

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