Police Appear to Be Firing Tear Gas toward the Press in Ferguson

by Ryan Lovelace

Police are firing tear gas to clear protesters, and some landed in the press parking lot adjacent to Ferguson Market and Liquor. Some members of the press scrambled up a hill, but the police fired gas up the hill, too. When the smoke cleared, four canisters could be found in the press parking lot. When asked why police fired on the press, an officer responded, “The wind took it.” Bystanders and press personnel who scrambled say that the wind did not take it. There is hardly any breeze in the area.

“Don’t look at me, s*** happens,” the officer said, lifting his gas mask. “Welcome to the club.”

Police officers are preventing everyone from leaving the area, and they are moving further down West Florissant Street toward the QuikTrip gas station and convenience store.

Armored vehicles, SWAT vehicles, and police in fully body armor are pushing down the road. A helicopter is still circling overhead.

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