Here’s What It Looks Like When We Bomb ISIS

by Patrick Brennan

Over the weekend, the U.S. military launched dozens of air strikes in northern Iraq, supporting the Kurdish forces there, especially in an effort to retake the Mosul dam, a crucial piece of infrastructure in the region, from the Islamic State. By all accounts the operation has been reasonably successful, though the dam doesn’t appear to have been retaken completely. It’s apparently been thoroughly booby-trapped by the jihadist group.

The U.S. released a couple videos of U.S. aircraft bombing Islamic State targets, mostly armed trucks:

The U.S. has conducted 15 air strikes near the dam on Monday alone — we know Navy F/A-18s and drones have been involved. 

And here are Kurdish fighters, known as peshmerga, moving forward against the Islamic State (both sides have remarkably similar taste in trucks):

The Iraqi government has also flown 250 members of the Golden Division, an elite division of the army, to Iraq’s northernmost province in order to help retake the dam, which is nearby.

Earlier this month, F/A-18s struck Islamic State mobile artillery that had been shelling Erbil, the capital of Kurdistan:

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