Ben Carson: I Challenged Al Sharpton to Public Debate, But He Hasn’t Accepted

by Andrew Johnson

A Ben Carson vs. Al Sharpton debate isn’t currently scheduled, but that doesn’t mean the retired neurosurgeon isn’t trying to make it happen. Carson first suggested the idea when he met with the MSNBC host at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner earlier this year.

“I said, ‘We want the same kinds of things, but we have very different approaches to achieving them — What do you think about a public debate to talk about the various ways that we can get this done?’” Carson said on Fox News on Monday. “He was initially enthusiastic about that, but the offer still stands.”

“These are things that need to be discussed and we need to bring out in the open: What are the raw issues, and how do we solve them?” he continued “We will never do that if we remain in our separate corners and cast aspersions.”

Sharpton notably debated Fox News host Sean Hannity in 2011, but infrequently welcomes conservative guests on to his MSNBC show.

UPDATE: Sharpton’s spokeswoman told Mediaite that Sharpton was unaware of Carson’s invitation, and that he has extended “an open invitation” to Carson to come on to his show.

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