MSNBC Guest: ‘War on Black Boys’ Will Become a ‘Genocide’

by Andrew Johnson

The events in Ferguson, Mo., could be part of an impending “genocide” of black men unless the nation changes its course, according to one MSNBC guest.

Appearing on the network on Monday, Michelle Bernard, head of the Bernard Center for Women, said she has struggled to explain to her children the forces at work behind Michael Brown’s death. 

“There is a war on black boys in this country, in my opinion — there is a war on black men,” she told Chris Matthews. “It is an absolutely deplorable situation that the United States, which is supposed to be the greatest nation on earth, sits back and allows black boys to be murdered.”​

Bernard pointed to the bad economy and the discriminatory education system as worsening the state of the black community.

Before signing off, Matthews said he hopes Americans will listen to “you folks” more often, rather than just in the midst of incidents like Ferguson (he immediately clarified that by “you folks” he meant Bernard and the Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson, not black people in general).

“I hope so because it’s going to turn into a genocide if it doesn’t stop,” Bernard chimed in before the break.

Via Mediaite.

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