Captain Ron Johnson: I’m ‘Embarrassed’

by Andrew Johnson

Captain Ron Johnson is “embarrassed” by the events in Ferguson, Mo., and not just in his role of overseeing the policing efforts in the embattled city, but as a man and a citizen.

“I wear this uniform, but this defines me at a low level,” Johnson told CNN on Tuesday. “I’m a man first, a black man second, I’m a husband, I’m a father, I’m a son. A trooper? There’s a lot of things I am before I’m a trooper.”

“One thing I am is an honest man, and I have my integrity, and I’ll stand with what’s right,” he continued. “Even if this uniform is wrong, I’ll tell you we’re wrong, but if we’re right, I’m going to tell you we’re right.”

While a vast majority of protesters want peaceful demonstrations, Johnson said, instigators are peeling off demonstrators to join in the violent behavior, which has come to mark Ferguson following the death of Michael Brown. He said he joins others in being embarrassed by what has taken place over the past week and a half.

“I think everyone that’s a great citizen of this community, and great citizens of this state, and great citizens of this nation are embarrassed,” Johnson said.

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