From Ferguson: No More Large Crowds

by Ryan Lovelace

The festive atmosphere that characterized Ferguson, Mo., this past weekend no longer exists. Police have fenced off the QuikTrip, which formerly functioned as the center of the protest. Chipotle workers passed out free burritos and chips, a drummer played, and large crowds gathered at the QuikTrip throughout the weekend, but now it is empty.

Elsewhere in Ferguson, residents appear to be trying to remove the international embarrassment created by many unruly protesters. Since the protests began, graffiti has spread all over Ferguson. The building below used to have the message Class War Now! written on it.

Now someone has covered over the graffiti and replaced the incendiary language with posters, including one that reads Hands up, don’t shoot.

A larger poster encouraging people to write the things they want to do before they die rests just next to the smaller posters. Bags of chalk hang next to the poster, so that people may write their own message. Some people have written that they want to “graduate high school” and “finish college” before they die.

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