Today Hosts Totally Giddy as Joe Biden Wishes Al Roker Happy Birthday: ‘You Just Made This Man’s Life’

by Andrew Johnson

Amid ongoing international and domestic crises, Joe Biden made time to make a surprise appearance on Today to wish meteorologist Al Roker a happy 60th birthday.

“This is such an honor,” a gushing Roker said. Roker and the vice president have a chummy history: During President Obama’s second inauguration, Roker screamed at a passing Biden from the crowd in hopes of getting a handshake.

Imparting his wisdom on aging and how to feel young, Biden charmed Roker by saying the host was just 37 years old. In awe of the vice president’s presence, Roker shifted the focus back to Biden, marveling at the vice president’s energy.

Biden suggested that if he becomes president, Roker could expect a gig at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. “If I were running the administration in the next one, I’d have you in it — I mean, what the hell?” he said.

“I think that’s a reason for you to run right there,” Roker responded.

“I figured I had to do something to get you to say that,” Biden quipped.

The vice president continued to flatter the Today hosts, saying he could not be a host of the show because he “would have trouble sitting across from [host Natalie Morales] all day.” Morales appeared breath-taken by the compliment. (Biden has a history of being handsy with female TV hosts.)

“Mr. Vice President, you just made this man’s life,” Morales said before Biden signed off. The panel continued to show their elation before heading to break.

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