Rhetoric vs. Reality

by Kevin D. Williamson

I have not seen The Giver, and so have no opinion on Alyssa Rosenberg’s critical take on it in the Washington Post.

But I do think that this is worth considering:

Insomuch as “The Giver” is capable of communicating emotion, the movie makes absolutely clear that it is grotesque to kill a baby who cries when he is not soothed and that something is missing in families designed by the state. Though it may be in [Sarah] Palin’s and [Kathryn Jean] Lopez’s interests to suggest otherwise, these ideas are hardly the sole provenance of conservatives. Suggesting that people who advocate for continued access to abortion do not care about the welfare of young children is an unpleasant rhetorical gamut, but often an effective one.

The suggestion that people who believe that it should be legal to brutally dismember and kill very young children do not care about the welfare of young children is not a “rhetorical gambit,” it’s a tautology. If you are going to subscribe to a philosophy of violence, you should at least have the courage of your warped convictions. 

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