GlobalPost CEO: U.S. Must Respond to James Foley’s Murder, ‘Cannot Go Unanswered’

by Andrew Johnson

The United States government must act to address the murder of journalist James Foley by the Islamic State, according to the head of a news organization who worked to bring Foley home during his nearly two years in captivity.

GlobalPost CEO Philip Balboni told MSNBC he is confident that the U.S. government “tried very hard,” and he has communicated with officials since Foley was kidnapped in November 2012. In light of Foley’s death, though, the government must do more, he said.

“I would say this: Something needs to be done to respond to this brutal murder,” Balboni said. “I think we have to take a stronger stand with the Islamic State.”

“I’m not an expert — I don’t know what exactly should be done — but this brutal murder of an American citizen cannot go unanswered,” he said.

Balboni spoke prior to President Obama’s remarks on Foley’s death. While he did not offer specifics, the president pledged justice for Foley and offered a harsh condemnation of the Islamic State.

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