Ingraham: Obama ‘Always Been Loath’ to Engage In Foreign Policy

by Andrew Johnson

President Obama’s hesitancy to engage with foreign affairs ultimately leaves the American public unsure about the strategy and the security of the nation, argued radio host Laura Ingraham on Fox News Sunday.

“We know Obama is quite adept and fairly engaged in domestic policy,” she said, citing his eagerness and willingness to weigh in on various issues on the home front. “On this foreign policy, he has always been loath to really engage, I would say, rhetorically, strategically, the leadership question.”

Furthermore, the administration has sent a mixed message on how it will confront the threat of the Islamic State by promising no troops on the ground while also stating the problem will require long-term engagement. Coupled with the gruesome images of the group’s practices, as well as the recent execution of American journalist James Foley, Americans are “very confused” about what the administration’s strategy and plans are moving forward, Ingraham said.

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