Report: American Killed Fighting for Islamic State

by Andrew Johnson

A San Diego man named Douglas McAuthur McCain was killed fighting for the Islamic State over the weekend, according to a new report from NBC News. McCain, who called himself “Duale ThaslaveofAllah” on social media, had been active about his involvement with IS on Twitter over the past few months.

From NBC News:

On June 9, Duale wrote to an alleged ISIS fighter on Twitter: “I will be joining you guys soon.” He also asked if another self-proclaimed ISIS fighter had made it to “r town” — an apparent reference to Raqqa, the militants’ Syrian stronghold.

Then came another post: “I’m with the brothers now.” Later, he retweeted: “It takes a warrior to understand a warrior. Pray for ISIS.”

His final Twitter post was last Tuesday.

McCain was found with $800 and an American passport. Read the rest here.

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