IRS Ethics Lawyer Accused of Embezzling, Lying to Court Board

by Ian Tuttle

A lawyer in the IRS ethics office may lose her job and her bar certification if the D.C. Court of Appeals’ recommendation is upheld. Takisha McGee, a section manager in the IRS Office of Professional Responsibility, is accused of embezzling funds intended for two medical providers and of lying to the D.C. court’s board of professional responsibility. The Washington Times reports:

In its 43-page report, the board detailed the personal injury case, which resulted in an $8,900 insurance settlement. But after receiving the settlement check, she failed to pay about $3,000 combined to two medical providers whom she was supposed to reimburse for treatment given to her client, according to records.

The board found Ms. McGee took $7,850 from an account set aside for her client’s settlement through a series of “counter withdrawals.” But other than $5,000 paid to her client, “it is not clear where these funds went,” the board report stated. . . .

What’s more, the board found “clear and convincing” evidence that Ms. McGee provided false testimony about her handling of the settlement money during a hearing in the case.

“There are no unique and compelling circumstances here that could justify reducing the recommended and presumptive sanction from disbarment to a lesser sanction,” the board wrote in its ruling. . . .

“In addition to intentionally misappropriating third-party funds, respondent also violated a number of other ethics rules and gave false testimony during the hearing,” the board concluded.

Naturally, McGee regularly delivers lectures to audiences about (in the Times’ words) the “importance of maintaining high ethical standards.”

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