A Vintage Joke from Mexico

by Jay Nordlinger

One item in Impromptus today, Part V of a “Salzburg Journal,” goes like this:

Out and about, I see a man in a “CCCP” jersey. Typical. Usually, I hold my tongue. I’m a good boy. When I let loose, it’s in print. But I can’t help muttering, as I pass, “Where’s your swastika?”

(This issue is not without complications. I wrote an essay about it several years ago. If you’re interested, go here.)

A reader writes,

The jersey you saw reminded me of a joke that children in Mexico told during the 1970 World Cup: “What does CCCP [on the Soviet uniform] stand for?” “Camaradas, Cuidado con Pelé” (i.e., “Comrades, beware of Pelé”).

Beautiful. By the way, the World Cup was held in Mexico that year, and it was won by Pelé’s team, Brazil.

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