Krauthammer’s Take: U.S. Will Have to Act Against ISIS Alone

by NRO Staff

“The unfortunate fact” when it comes to the Islamic State, says Charles Krauthammer, “is we’re going to have to act on our own with whatever allies we can assemble for our own interests.”

“The fight against ISIS is for our interests. It’s not for Saudi Arabia” or any other Arab countries, Krauthammer said on Special Report. The U.S. shouldn’t expect Arab nations to be helpful partners, he says: “The idea of inviting Iran into Iraq and into Syria to fight against ISIS isn’t exactly a happy prospect either. Iran simply leads another branch of Islamic radicalism that’s soon going to be nuclear, and you don’t want them in charge of Mesopotamia.”

Comparing the current situation to the lead-up to the 1991 Gulf War, Krauthammer lamented the possibility of building a viable coalition. If the Islamic State is going to be defeated, the U.S. is likely to have to act on its own, or very nearly, he said.

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