Senate Dem Outrages Crime Victims With Attack Ad

by Joel Gehrke

Senator Mark Begich (D., Alaska) attempted to blame his Republican opponent for a brutal crime, but he only succeeded in outraging the victims of the attack.

Begich has not complied with the victims’ requests to take down a campaign ad that tries to hold former Alaska attorney general Dan Sullivan responsible for two murders and a sexual assault allegedly perpetrated by a man who got out of prison early.

“You are tearing this family apart to the point that your ad was so shocking to them they now want to permanently leave the state as quickly as possible,” Bryon Collins, the attorney for the victims’ family, wrote to Begich in a letter published by the Washington Free Beacon. “Again, to be perfectly clear, it was your ad that shocked them.”

Collins was relentless in his denunciation of Begich. “You[r] campaign is playing pure politics at the expense of my clients, and frankly has done only what is in the best interests of ‘Mark Begich’ rather than protecting the victims of the most serious crime in Alaska history,’ he wrote, after suggesting that Begich had “lied to” him.

“You said you would comply and respect the wishes of the family and have yet to do so,” Collins reminded the senator.

The lawyer was much more forgiving of the Sullivan campaign’s discussion of the case, which is still ongoing.

“Dan Sullivan’s campaign may have been perceived as insensitive by my clients when he talked about the ad directly in his response to your ad, but he did not cross the line directly into material facts of the case,” the family’s attorney wrote. “His ad also did not cause the extensive anguish that your campaign did. Yet, more importantly, the Sullivan campaign immediately recognized that the right thing to do was take it down.”

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