In 1998, Charlie Crist Called for Bill Clinton’s Resignation, Now He’s Welcoming His Endorsement

by Andrew Johnson

Democratic Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist will welcome Bill Clinton to Miami for a Friday campaign rally. As is the case for Crist on so many issues, he used to sing a much different tune about Clinton.

During his 1998 Senate race, amid the Monica Lewinsky scandal facing then-President Clinton, Crist, who was running as a Republican, expressed his disappointment in the president and called on him to step down.

“Regrettably, I believe that the president has shattered the confidence and trust of the American people,” he said. “I think he needs to be accountable for that. That’s why I believe the best thing he could do for the country would be the resign the office of the president.”

Crist, who left the Republican party in 2010 after losing a Senate primary to Marco Rubio, is now looking to unseat the current Republican governor Rick Scott in what appears to be a close race.

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