McConnell: ISIS ‘Probably Better Able’ than Al-Qaeda to Launch 9/11-Level Attack

by Andrew Johnson

President Obama needs to back up Joe Biden’s pledge that the United States will follow the murderers of American journalists “to the gates of Hell” by outlining to Congress and the American public a strategy to defeat the Islamic State, says Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.). President Obama offered mixed messages earlier in the day, first saying his administration aims to “degrade and destroy” the Islamic State, only to later say it will look to make the threat a “manageable problem.”

“This is not, in my view, a ‘manageable’ situation — they want to kill us,” the Senate minority leader told the Fox Business Network. “We’ve had this experience before on 9/11.”

“These guys are probably better able to carry out such a mission than al-Qaeda was back in 9/11,” McConnell added.

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