Cantor’s Concession Speech: ‘Obviously, We Came Up Short’

by Andrew Johnson

​Calling his time in public office “one of the highest honors of my life,” Representative Eric Cantor (R., Va.) thanked his family, his congressional and political staff, and his constituents in his concession speech Tuesday night following a stunning primary upset.

Much to many observers’ surprise, challenger and economics professor Dave Brat defeated the House majority leader 56 percent to 44 percent.

“Obviously, we came up short,” Cantor said.

In his remarks, Cantor highlighted his work in Congress, including working to help the “most vulnerable,” pointing to his work in education reform and charter schools. Even though he found the night’s outcome “disappointing,” he urged supporters to remain optimistic.

“I believe in this country, and I believe there’s opportunity around the next corner for all of us,” he concluded. “I look forward to continuing to fight with all of you for the things that we believe for the conservative cause, because those solutions of ours are the answer to the problems that so many people are facing today.”

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