Will’s Take: Cantor Lost Because Being in Washington Leadership ‘Not a Good Thing to Be These Days’

by NRO Staff

The demands of Eric Cantor’s role in Republican leadership, and subsequent large warchest, ultimately doomed him in Tuesday’s primary upset to challenger Dave Brat, according to George Will.

“Mr. Cantor’s great advantage was money, and I think it hurt him,” he said on Wednesday’s Special Report. “He spent an awful lot of money advertising Mr. Brat’s name, to which a lot of people said, ‘Well, we actually have a choice here.’”

Cantor’s loss likely had little to do with his district’s sentiments to his stance on immigration reform, but rather that “he is a member of the Washington leadership, and that is just not a good thing to be these days.” Additionally, as a result of the national focus his role as House majority leader required, Cantor “necessarily neglected some of the housekeeping duties in his district.”

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